Knights of Cygnus

Knights of Cygnus / Cygnus Knights
Official art of the Knight Commanders of the Knights of Cygnus
Class Type Adventurer Sub-class
Element[s] Dawn Warrior = Light
Blaze Wizard = Fire
Wind Archer = Wind
Night Walker = Dark
Thunder Breaker = Lightning
Hometown/Beginner Area Erev
Max Level 120
Development ★★★
Potential ★☆☆
Freedom ★★☆
Difficulty ★☆☆

"Knight of the Empress! Oppose the Black Magician!"

The Knights of Cygnus or Cygnus Knights are an 'order' of characters available in some game versions, soon to be available to the rest aswell. To become a member of the Knights of cygnus the player by be lv 20 or over. After the patch when you login the trailer will show up, then you will be moved to a black map with Nineheart talking to you asking if you want to have a knight. If you register for the recruitment for Order members, a new Order character will be made with the class Noblesse.

Cygnus Knights receive 6 AP upon each level up, they will gain 5 AP at level 70 onwards. but the highest level they can attain is 120.

When getting the 1st job advancement at level 10, you can become an Apprentice Knight.

[edit] Classes

There are different classes of the Knights of Cygnus. Each are based on the main classes normally available and also element based to a single element.

[edit] Nobless/Noblesse

The Knights of Cygnus beginner equivalent.

[edit] Soul Master/Dawn Warrior

A warrior blessed by the Light Sprite, Soul.
Mihail is the Knight Commander and does the Soul Warrior advancement.

[edit] Flame Wizard/Blaze Wizard

A magician blessed by the Fire Sprite, Flame.
Oz is the Knight Commander and does the Flame Wizard job advancement.

[edit] Wind Breaker/Wind Archer

A bowman blessed by the Wind Sprite.
Irina is the Knight Commander and does the Wind Breaker advancement.

[edit] Night Walker

A thief blessed by the Dark Sprite.
Ickart is the Knight Commander and does the Night Walker advancement.

[edit] Striker/Thunder Breaker

A pirate blessed by the Lightning Sprite.
Hawkeye is the Knight Commander and does the Striker advancement.

[edit] Blessing of [a] Fairy

Along with the Knights of Cygnus a beginner skill called "Blessing of Fairy" was released, to add SP to the skill, the main character on your account must rise by 10 levels. The master level is 20 and it increases Weapon Attack, Magic Attack, Accuracy and Avoidability.
By level 20, the stats on the skill are: Weapon Attack +20, Magic Attack +30, Accuracy + 20, Avoidability + 20

[edit] Notes

  • They are known as Cygnus Knights on GMS.
  • JapanMS calls Wind Breaker "Wind Shooter"
  • Knights of Cygnus are available in all versions of MapleStory apart from ThailandMS, VietnamMS and BrazilMS.

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