The Evan Class
Class Type Magician Summoner
Element[s] Lightning, Ice, Dark, and Fire.
Hometown/Beginner Area Utah's Farm
Max Level 200
Development ★☆☆
Potential ★★★
Freedom ★☆☆
Difficulty ★★★


[edit] Description

“Wait for the different hero together with a dragon!”

The Evan Class are a elemental dragon summoning class who fought against the Black Magician hundreds of years ago along with Aran, they are the second of five Legendary Heroes to be released and are currently only available on the test server.

In present day, Evan is a young boy/girl who is having dreams about a dragon. One day he/she comes across a dragon egg which hatches before his/her eyes. Evan gains the power to summon this dragon and use it's powers. The two become partners and through battle and experience gain strength endlessly.

Unlike other classes Evan doesn't job advance, instead the dragon evolves and gains new powers once every few levels, them being: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, and 160.

In a very similar manner to Aran, Evan is vastly overpowered and gains strength at far lower levels than other classes do but unfortunatly at the cost of training speed, making them the hardest class to train and level matching that of Aran.

[edit] Availability

Japan No
China Expected
Taiwan No
Thailand No
SEA Very Soon
Global Yes
Europe No
Brazil No
Vietnam No

[edit] Skills

Evan's First Dragon Form

[edit] =Pro's and Con's

[edit] Pros

  • Level 10 passive skill Dragon Soul will greatly increase your magic attack from further levels.
  • Every skill from every mastery (except 6th mastery) will be maxed as long you follow the Storyline quests for Evan.
  • Ice Breath is basically Cold Beam, but attacks 6 enemies.
  • Soul Stone will be very helpful during PQs and grinding with weak party mates.
  • Ghost Lettering is sort of a stacking damage skill that will be useful on bosses.
  • Recovery Aurora will be a very helpful skill, as it recovers MP.
  • Blaze is a great skill to attack multiple enemies, and the regular enemy targeted will receive 330 Basic Attack when maxed.
  • Dark Fog will be helpful later on as it does 750 Basic Attack when maxed.

[edit] Cons

  • 3 of the most crucial skills (Magic Gaurd, Critical Magic, and Magic Booster) requires a skill book which is purchased in the Cash Shop.
  • Dark Fog requires to be charged after the attack, which won't be worth it.
  • Unless you want to mess up your build, Soul Stone will be maxed in the mid 190's.

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