The Bowman Class

The Bowman's Mascot
Home Town: Henesys
Master Athena Pierce

Becoming A Bowman
To become a bowman, head over to Henesys. In Henesys you will find a sign that says Mushroom Street, go in the portal under it. On the far right side there are houses, take the one second from the right. In there you will see Athena Pierce. Talk to her and she will advance you to the Bowman job if you have 25 dexterity and are level 10.

About Bowmen
The Bowman is the job that uses bows and crossbows, and of course, shoot arrows. The Bowman has high accuracy, and maintains a stable damage.

It is most important that an archer keeps his/her stats perfect. I would recommend keeping your strength at your level + 5, and the rest of your ability points will go into your dexterity. The main stat for the Bowman is dexterity, and the secondary is strength. No other stats are required.

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