The Aran Class
Aran Class.png
A sneak peak of the Aran
Class Type Pole Arm Warrior
Element[s] Ice
Hometown/Beginner Area Rien
Max Level 200
Development ★☆☆
Potential ★★★
Freedom ★☆☆
Difficulty ★★★


[edit] Description

The four stages of the combo system.

"The forgotten hero who returned to the Maple World!"
The Aran class was first released on KMST as apart of the KMS 6th Aniversary, they are an ice based Pole Arm class and have a combo system while attacking, the more the combo builds up the more defence and attack the Aran get. Their hometown and beginning location is an ice covered land called Rien. The Aran is the strongest class on MapleStory, by level 50 a dexless Aran can do 10k damage easily with maxed Combo Smash due to it's 700% damage when maxed, also in 4th Job the Aran get a skill called Combo Tempest which instantly kills 15 monsters in the map and when maxed applies 1500% x 4 damage to boss monsters. This power doesn't come easy for Aran though, they're expensive to uphold and hard to play because attacks cannot be hot-keyed and are done by pressing certain keys in certain orders.

At the moment on KMS, all Aran that make it to level 70 before 2010 receive a ring called "Lillin's Ring" which gives +3 in all stats, w.att, m.att, accuracy and avoid, it is untradable and Scissors of Karma cannot be used on it but it can be shared to other characters via storage.

[edit] Availability

Japan Yes
China Yes
Taiwan Yes
Thailand Yes
Global Yes
Europe Expected
Brazil No
Vietnam No

[edit] Skills

[edit] 1st Job

[edit] 2nd Job

[edit] 3rd Job

[edit] 4th Job

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