Strikers are the Cygnus Knight's version of Brawlers. They depend on brute strength to battle monsters. Similar to brawlers, there are many different combos and play controls to a Striker. A Striker's element is lighting. Unfortunately, there aren't many monster that have carry a weakness to lightning. To make up for this, they have extremely high damage, with most of their skills having a high damage percentage. An example is Corkscrew Blow which has 420% Damage when maxed.


[edit] Skills


[edit] 1st Job

  • Bullet Time
  • Flash Fist
  • Sommersault Kick
  • Dash
  • Sprite Summon (Lightning)

[edit] 2nd Job

  • Max HP Increase
  • Knuckle Booster
  • Knuckle Mastery
  • Corkscrew Punch
  • Energy Charge
  • Energy Buster
  • Lightning Charge

[edit] 3rd Job

  • Transform
  • Shockwave
  • Energy Drain
  • Fist
  • Speed Infusion
  • Shark Wave
  • Spark
  • Critical Punch

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