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Henesys is a peaceful town in the prairies on the southern section of Victoria Island which was supposedly settled by elves. Athena Pierce seems to be one of the last survivors. This is the place to go if you want to go to become an archer. It is one of the most important towns in the game. The leader of Henesys is Chief Stan, an old man with two sons whom both serve important purposes. A character hoping to become a bowman (another word for archer) has to be level 10 with at least 25 dex. It is located between Kerning City and Ellinia. It also provides the most direct path to the Dungeon at Sleepywood.
Mushmom spawns here in Henesys.
Most of the buildings here are mushroom houses. Some of the maps around this town provide good training spots for low levels. Henesys Hunting Ground is a popular area for all levels, where snails, slimes, pigs, and mushrooms are found.

Henesys is also the home to the Mushmom, one of the first bosses a player is usually capable of taking on solo. Mushmom is found at a hidden area called Someone Else's House. A number of event NPCs can be found here. This town is also host to a free market. Many players like Henesys because it has a friendly atmosphere, like that of Amherst on Maple Island.

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