HackShield Errors

It's currently 4 AM (UTC), March 15th, 2015.the vroomvroom had nothing to do with me, overKill, it was suggested by Nagare.

Compatibility Mode
OS: Windows Vista
Error: In order for HS to run while Maple Story is in compatibility mode for XP, it must restart.

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Open Maple Story again, HackShield will fix the error for you.

Anti-Virus Block
OS: All
Error: N/A

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Tell your Anti-Virus that HackShield isn't a virus.

WI 1706 - No Valid Source
OS: All
Error: No Valid source could be found for product MapleStory. The WI could not continue.

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Re-create the shortcut to maplestory.exe, if that doesn't work download this.

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