GMS Patch 57

Skill Revisions:

Multiple classes have had their skills adjusted for better balance and gameplay! See what new for you!

New Gameplay Features

A host of improvements await you in-game! These include: Guild Alliance! (Visit the Guild Hall for signup!) Party Search Function Windowed Mode (System Options, ALT+ENTER) Map Icons Changed Auto Inventory Sorting Macros (up to 3 skills) And that's the just the beginning--be sure to check Nexon. net for details! New Events Maple Summer Drop Event To celebrate summer break, there will be various summer in-game item drops.

In addition to old items, new items will be dropped over the whole summer! Surfboards and tubes galore! Double EXP/Drop Events Every Tuesday and Thursday - Check Nexon. net for details! Monster Cookout Every Fridays GMs will summon low/high level monsters for an hour in different places in the Maple World! Be on guard, and get ready for battle! Cody's BBQ Join Cody for the 4th of July BBQ and get your flag! New Maps

Ariant Ariant Station Platform Before Takeoff .. The Town of Ariant An Old, Empty House Residential Area 1 Residential Area 2 Residential Area 3 Residential Area 4 Residential Area 5 Residential Area 6 Ariant Castle Castle Garden Palace Hallway King's Room Outside the West Entrance of Ariant Young Catthus Desert Cactus Desert 1 Cactus Desert 2 Royal Catthus Desert White Rock Desert Bellamoa's Cave The Scorching Desert Rocky Hill Red Scorpion's Lair Dry Desert Frilled Field Tent of the Entertainers Outside East Entrance of Ariant Outside North Entrance of Ariant North Desert Road 1 North Desert Road 2 The Desert of Red Sand The Ruins of Desert Nomads The Giant of the SunsetIn addition, many maps have been tweaked for better gameplay

New Quests

Learning the Culture of Ariant Tigun the Guard at the Palace Queen's Make-up Kit Queen's Tea 1 Queen's Tea 2 Queen's Tea 3 Jiyur's Sister A Letter From the Sister A Present for His Sister Dancer's Ringing Sword Dance Making the Fancy Sword Deliver the Fancy Sword Sheherazad's Fear Borrowing the Book from Wiz Sheherazad's Storybook Sheherazad the Storyteller The Little Prince that Loves Roses The Little Prince that Loves the Stars Recovering the Book The Little Prince 1 Recovering the Book The Little Prince 2 A Request from a Member of the Sand Bandits?! 1 A Request from a Member of the Sand Bandits?! 2 A Request from a Member of the Sand Bandits?! 3 Syrinne Speaks True or False Screwing the Red Scorpions The Existence of the Secret Organization The Man with a Bow Sezan's Test Sezan's Sand Bandits The Man with the Iron Hammer Adin's Test Adin's Sand Bandits The Lady with the Dagger Ereska's Test Ereska's Sand Bandits The True Identity of Sand Bandits First Mission Tigun's Hair Mission Complete! Stealing Queen's Order of Silk Byron's Recommendation Letter Beginner's Quests were adjusted for easier leveling

New Monsters

Desert Rabbit (F) Desert Rabbit (M) Jr. Catus Catus Royal Catus Bellamoa Ear Plug Plead Scarf Plead Meercat Sand Rat Sand Dwarf Kiyo Desert Giant

New NPC's

Ahmad Muhamad Zaid Jasmin SagaT Shati Mazra Lila Vard Aldin Sirin Jiyoule Eleska Ardin Tgun Byron Le Petit Prince Areda Schegerazade Abdullah VIII Jano Sejan Strange Guy Karcasa Asesson Slyn Syras

New Items

Sheherajad's Letter The Little Maple Prince Storybook Cat's Eye Dancer's Swords Piece of Tigun's Beard Queen's Silk Saharazard's Storybook Wiz's Storybook Sky Jewel Ticket to Ariant (Basic) Ticket to Ariant (Regular) Fairy's Tea Leaf Queen's Ring Small Sack of Jewelry Wrapped Food Bullseye Board Tsunami Wave Sand Picture Member Badge Entry Pass to the Palace Byron's Recommendation Letter Clean Slate Scroll 1% Clean Slate Scroll 3% Clean Slate Scroll 5% Chaos Scroll 60% White Raccoon Mask Doggy Mouth Raccoon Mask ...and much more!

In addition, some chair descriptions were revised

< Cash Shop >

Limited Quantity Sales: Get great items at low prices!

All Gachapons have been updated with new items! Check Nexon. net for details!

New Hairstyles and faces added for Ariant!

A Search Function is now available within the Cash Shop

New Items: Maple MSX Guitar (Cape) Patriot Seraphim (weapon) Pink Seraphim (Weapon) Maple Hood Hat (Hat) Bulletproof Vest (Top) Tiki Torch Store (Vendor) Scuba Suit (Overall) ...and much more!

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