GMS Patch 49

Greetings, Maplers! MapleStory Client ver. 0.49 is here!

MapleStory starts off 2008 with a bang! 4th Job! Leafre! Mounts and a horde of new Gameplay features are here!


The final Job Advancement of MapleStory is here! All players over Level 120 are encouraged to head to the town of Leafre for all-new skills! Here are the new Classes:

- Warrior - Hero Dark Knight Paladin

- Magician - Arch Mage - Fire/Poison Arch Mage - Ice/Lightning Bishop

- Thief - Shadower Nightlord

- Bowman - Bowmaster Marksman

Grab your best gear and head to Orbis Station to begin your new training!


Located on the continent of Ossyria, the town of Leafre is home to some of the Maple World's fiercest monsters! Pack plenty of potions, and your best weapons--this area is built for the advanced Mapler! Also in Leafre, you can refine new, powerful weapons, take up plenty of town quests, and hunt two fearsome Bosses: Manon and Griffey! Head to orbis and grab a ticket!


Ever wanted to scroll an item you couldn't wear? Those days are over! Check out Eurek the Alchemist for the Legendary Spirit Skill!

Ever wondered what it'd be like to ride a Happy Hog or Wild Boar? Wonder no longer--Mounts are here! Be sure to check out Kenta for more info and get your Mount today! Level 70+!


A host of improvements await you in-game! These include:

- Monster Name/HP Bar - - World Maps - - Party Leader Re-assignment - - Quest Alarm Function - - Quest List (+/-) - - Buff/Skill Icon Timer -

Check for details!

Also, brand new items debut in the Cash Shop!

< Cash Item >

- UFO (Effect) - Plasma Saber (weapon) - Garden Trail (Effect) - Hot Dog Fork (Weapon) - Party Popper (Weapon) - Celestial Light (Weapon) - Umbrella Hat (Hat)

check out the Cash Shop!

Enjoy the new content for MapleStory! Happy Mapling!

- The MapleStory Staff -

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