El Nath

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El Nath is a snowy town on the bottom of Orbis tower, right next to the Aquarium. It is a unique place with a slightly different gameplay, as you cannot walk without sliding, unless you have snowshoes (which can be bought at the El Nath armour store).

El Nath is also the location where players have their third job advancement when they reach level 70.

It is said that El Nath was named after the star, Beta Tauri.

Quote orange.png Quote from Wikipedia
Beta Tauri (β Tau / β Tauri) is the second brightest star in the constellation Taurus, with apparent magnitude 1.7. Because it is on the boundary of Taurus with Auriga, it also has the redundant Bayer designation Gamma Aurigae (γ Aur), which is today very rarely used. It has the traditional name Elnath, El Nath, or Alnath.

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